Women’s Rights in Pakistan- Afzal Kohistani, Legislation on Women, and keyboard Jihadis

By Dr. FP In 2012, Kohistan video scandal led to the murder of five women on the orders of a Jirga guided by 12 elders. The surfaced viral video displayed two men dancing on a local tune and five women clapping for them. The video of this private event from a wedding was leaked andContinue reading “Women’s Rights in Pakistan- Afzal Kohistani, Legislation on Women, and keyboard Jihadis”

Proposal from HE, who must not be Remembered

Written by: Fozia Tahir for anonymous! Sending a marriage proposal in Pakistan is like playing darts at home elsewhere. Give it a go, if it works very well, after all it was meant to be… If it doesn’t work, God forbid!! how could she ever say NO!!! (that characterless *************** -put as many stars asContinue reading “Proposal from HE, who must not be Remembered”

Fair, Lovely and Politically Incorrect

By: Fozia Tahir Having lived in the UK for five years I had almost forgotten the importance of fair skin in Pakistan. I recently attended a musical event in my hometown in the north of Pakistan where majority of the population has lighter skin tone. The Host who of course happened to be from theContinue reading “Fair, Lovely and Politically Incorrect”