Inclusivity in Climate change: how far have the women come?

Fozia Parveen* Women’s Day is a reminder for us to look at how the world is shaping around us in this day and age. Pakistan’s average CO2 emissions is 1.05 tonnes per capita compared to the global average of 4.82 tonnes per capita. Regardless of our contribution to global greenhouse (GHG) emissions, we have been declared theContinue reading “Inclusivity in Climate change: how far have the women come?”

The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers and War

Book summary by Fozia Tahir This book is written by M. Nazif Shahrani, who is a professor at Indiana University, Bloomington and teaches in the Anthropology Department, Central Eurasian studies, and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. He did his Ph.D. from University of Washington, Seattle, WA in 1976. The book majorly focuses on the Kirghiz (aContinue reading “The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan: Adaptation to Closed Frontiers and War”

Women’s Rights in Pakistan- Afzal Kohistani, Legislation on Women, and keyboard Jihadis

By Dr. FP In 2012, Kohistan video scandal led to the murder of five women on the orders of a Jirga guided by 12 elders. The surfaced viral video displayed two men dancing on a local tune and five women clapping for them. The video of this private event from a wedding was leaked andContinue reading “Women’s Rights in Pakistan- Afzal Kohistani, Legislation on Women, and keyboard Jihadis”

Understating Plastic to minimise plastic waste

‘Say no to plastic because a plastic bag takes 200-1000 years to degrade’ each time I say this in my anti plastic campaign, I wonder what has the humble plastic got to do with all this? It has only been around to help us, completely misused by us. Plastic is not the monster. We areContinue reading “Understating Plastic to minimise plastic waste”

Sustainable Development Goals

Why should everyone know about them  Huma, asked me to write and introductory post on SDGs to which I instantly agreed. Partly because everyone should know it and partly because there is suddenly so much more activism in this world that lacks knowledge.  Here are a few things you need to know before I speakContinue reading “Sustainable Development Goals”

Who do you want your child to be…

Written By: Rabia Nazir One of my close friends who is a primary school teacher often shares innocent stories of her students as a part of our ‘how was the day?’ routine. A couple of weeks ago, she mentioned that one of the most intelligent students in her class has been missing school for aContinue reading “Who do you want your child to be…”

Proposal from HE, who must not be Remembered

Written by: Fozia Tahir for anonymous! Sending a marriage proposal in Pakistan is like playing darts at home elsewhere. Give it a go, if it works very well, after all it was meant to be… If it doesn’t work, God forbid!! how could she ever say NO!!! (that characterless *************** -put as many stars asContinue reading “Proposal from HE, who must not be Remembered”

Fair, Lovely and Politically Incorrect

By: Fozia Tahir Having lived in the UK for five years I had almost forgotten the importance of fair skin in Pakistan. I recently attended a musical event in my hometown in the north of Pakistan where majority of the population has lighter skin tone. The Host who of course happened to be from theContinue reading “Fair, Lovely and Politically Incorrect”