Sabz Photography Competition

Think Globally, Capture Locally 

Global Environmental pollution and temperature are on the rise and the risk associated with climate change are escalating. Adaptation and serious steps towards mitigation are essential to bring change in the society on individual as well as policy level. Climate change is a global reality that will affect us, regardless of our contribution in causing it. Yet, somehow the message does not reach an average citizen of a country like Pakistan. This may be due to reasons such as;

  • Lack of awareness and education about the issue and using mediums distantly related to a common countryman such as use of arctic polar bears for awareness in areas dominated by deserts,
  • Using long term projection as an alarm like, ‘Pakistan may run out of water by 2025’. While sharing future projections is important, its events happening on their day to day life that will make them truly stand up and demand something such as the daily access to water, water quality, recent smog and air pollution issue in the urban centres of Pakistan etc.
  • Use of data and graphs instead of simple visuals such as pictures and art exhibits make it difficult for people to understand the sensitivity of the issue as well.


Pakistan is producing some great photographers with the focus on landscape, portrait and fashion photography. There should be projects to commission them about wildlife photography, biodiversity, pollution, climate change and its impact on people, but own initiative to create awareness about local and global environmental issues is in general missing, and this has motivated MEK to run a photography competition event for World Environment Day 2018.


It is unfortunate that in Pakistan, many basic issues such as access to food, water and shelter are yet to be addressed, but these issues will also worsen with climate change and therefore sensitisation of people towards taking care of the planet needs to be initiated sooner rather than later.

Considering its mission and vision and need for research, Meer-e-Karwan is inviting photographers from all around Pakistan to take part in this initiative of creating awareness about global environmental issues through local visuals.



The following categories can be considered by the photographers for submission

  • Impact of Climate Change:How has the change in weather pattern and their unpredictability impacted landscapes and communities?
  • Pollution: Air, land and water pollution are so visible in Pakistan that it is impossible to avoid them on a daily basis. What do you see around you that you would like to change?
  • Biodiversity: Pakistan is rich in natural landscapes and diverse species inhabiting them but there aren’t enough people documenting it.
  • Water and Food Scarcity
  • Environmental Ethics:Populations live around slums, Animals have no rights and these two are some of the many examples that you can document in this category
  • Effect of Natural Landscape (Glaciers, Lakes, Rivers etc)
  • Renewable Energy and Green Economy: Not all stories have to be visually disturbing. If you know of projects that harbour natural resources for power production and economic growth in a region you can submit it too.
  • Open: You can also submit your picture in open category if you think it does not fit in, in any of the categories described above

*Note that a single entrant cannot submit more than three pictures.


Describe your entry in 100-300 words

  • When and Where was the picture taken
  • What does it depict
  • How can it change local perception about the issue and necessary actions?

Send your picture alongside your Name, city of residence (address), educational qualification/current employment and send it to meer3karwan@gmail.comor meer-e-Karwan (Facebook page) by 20thMay 2018. A google form is also available for submission.


You will keep the copy rights for the photo but we may share it from MEK karwan with due credits.

Competition Timeline

Table 1: Timeline of the event Description Date
1 Competition Commences 1st May 2018


2 Entries close 20th May 2018


3 Judges Decision 30th May 2018
3 Decision Announcement 5Th June 2018

(World Environment Day)

4 Letter and Prize Money *Before 15thJune 2018


*A prize money of Rs. 5,000 will be awarded to the first place and 3000 and 1500 will be awarded to the entrants that secure the second and third place in the competition.


  1. Professor Dr. Irfan Khan, Professor, Environmental Science/ Engineering, IIUI, Islamabad
  2. Ana Castro Castellon, Environmental Engineer, Thames water, Oxford
  3. Adnan Malik, Actor and WWF ambassador in Pakistan


 Judging Criteria


  • Originality
  • Content
  • Understanding of the issue

Local and Global Impact (potential


Sabz Photography Compeition-MEK



Adnan Malik

AdnanMalik is an actor and the WWF Pakistan, goodwill ambassador. He was an organizing member of the Karachi Film Festival from 2004-2008 and founder of “Turn the Tide”, a collective of young professionals, which raised over $150,000 from around the world for environmental emergencies in Pakistan. He was also an Asia Society Fellow.

In addition, Adnan is an award-winning actor and filmmaker based in Karachi and is the director of Adnan Malik Production (AMP), a boutique media production house. A majority of his work uses pop culture and identity as a point of investigation. He is currently directing a variety of music videos and TV commercials. As an actor he was the main male lead in “Cake”, an acclaimed Pakistani film that recently received 4 stars in the Guardian. Adnan was also the Video Producer for Coke Studio Pakistan (2008-2013), a highly acclaimed musical platform that bridges barriers, celebrates diversity and encourages unity.

Adnan received a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies with a minor in Public Economics from Vassar College, where he was the recipient of the Jeane Daly Wirsig Award for ‘Promise and Excellence in the field of Journalism.’

We would like to thank Adnan for his time and welcome him to Karwan.

Twitter @adnanmalik                     Instagram @adnanmalik1 

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan


“Prof. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan, currently serving as founder Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, International Islamic University, Islamabad. He has served as Dean of the largest faculty (6000+ students), Basic & Applied Sciences at IIU till 2012. He has more than 30 years of professional experience including graduate and undergraduate teaching and research in local, national and international universities imparting education through formal and non-formal distance learning mode.

Prof. Khan obtained his PhD from London University in the field of Environmental Science and was a post-doctoral research fellow of on Environmental Policy at the University of Oxford in 1995-1996.

He has published three books and more than 30 research papers in HEC recognized journals and many research reports for national and international organizations. He serves as member in many international bodies like United Nations High Commission on Human Rights and Environment for consultation on environmental human rights; Technical Committee 248 on sustainability criteria for bioenergy (ISO 13065) of ISO, Geneva, Switzerland; BoG of international consortium of NGO’s Shipbreaking Platform, Brussels, Belgium.

In the country, he serves as Convenor, National Curriculum Review Committee in Environmental Science of HEC; Chairman National Mirror Committee on Environmental Management & Sustainability of Pakistan Standard & Quality Control Authority, Ministry of Science & Technology; Member, Technical Committee 1 of PSQCA on Environmental Management and national Multi stakeholder Technical Committee of Ministry of Climate Change for development of National Sustainable Development Strategy, 2017.

Prof. Khan has also provided technical assistance as consultant to several projects in World Bank, ADB, IFC financed projects, UNFAO, and UNEP for national and international project

His dedication to translate research into policy and governance is commendable and we thank him for agreeing to join the Karwan for this competition.


Dr. Ana Castro-Castellon

Dr. Ana Castro is originally from Colombia and has chased her passion for environment and microbiology to the UK via Spain. She holds an MSc by research in the area of Ecosystem Change with the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol. She has led many water and wastewater treatment projects with Wessex Water plc, (Bath, UK) and has proudly lived her dream of gaining a PhD degree from the University of Oxford in the area of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. During her DPhil in Oxford, She was particularly active in forums like women in engineering in Oxford.

Ana is currently working for Thames Water as a field process scientist, with the objective to protect public health and the environment.

Ana Volunteers for Water Aid and science related outreach activities. She promotes science and research and gives talks to students ranging from school to postgraduate level.

In addition, Ana is particularly interested in mental health and peer supporting and has received training and qualification for running peer support programs.

We admire strong women like Ana and welcome her on board.





Published by meerekarwan

The origins of Meer-e-Karwan can be traced back to a rainy evening in 2017, over a cup of chai, in a small tea house of Oxford. Disillusioned and saddened by the lack of adequate awareness, meaningful discussions and often, the dismissal of the voices of marginalised groups – a group of friends decided to create a social platform to combat this and provide a platform to teach, learn and engage with individuals and communities. A pledge was made. No topic will remain taboo and no voice will be quietened. The phrase meer-e-karwan in Urdu alludes to a leader of a procession, a tribe of likeminded individuals, who set about a journey with a common goal. No matter where you are in your journey and what your goal is, we invite you to join the karwan.

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