What’s new in 2019?

Dear all, 

We, at Meer-e-Karwan, have been thinking about all the things that we want to bring to the MeK 2019 platform. 

First of all, we would like to introduce to you MEER MONDAYS! Every Monday, a member from the Meer-e-Karwan team will share glimpses, thoughts and reflections from their lives…a chance for you to get to know what really goes on in our brains! 

Our passion and resolve for education, awareness and dialogue grows stronger by the day, and in this, we invite you to join in and tell us what you want MeK to talk about!

Amongst other exciting things, there is one that we would like to share with you now – after several weeks of discussions, design-developing and deliberations – we bring you the new MeK logo! 

Team MeK